Healthy Body, Healthy Planet. That’s Our Goal.

In case you’re confused, we own two cafés!  Local Press Café is situated on the lake, corner of Eastlake Parade and Giles St, in the Kingston Foreshore.
Local Press Wholefoods is situated just 50 meters behind Local Press Café at 71 Giles St, Kingston Foreshore.

At Local Press we are passionate about healthy food. We offer delicious wholefoods (meat to vegan) that are unrefined, unprocessed and free of unnecessary additives and preservatives.

Our animal proteins are free range, pasture fed and chemical and hormone-free.

Wherever possible we make our ingredients in-house, using seasonal and local produce.

We are also passionate about the health of our planet so we go to great lengths to reduce our use of plastics and redirecting our waste from landfill to be recycled, re-used or composted wherever possible.

We would love you to visit our cafés & have a leisurely sit-in as you enjoy our healthy, scrumptious meals. Of course, we offer takeaway too! Pop in to our planet-friendly haven Local Press Wholefoods! We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for bulk foods, pantry staples, ready-to-eat meals or a wholesome lunch and don’t forget to check out our fabulous Catering service. See you soon!