Catering in Canberra

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Are you looking for catering in Canberra? We have the experience and facilities to provide catering services for domestic, corporate or government events.

See below our standard catering menu or reach out to us by telephone or email to tell us about your event and we will be pleased to organise a custom menu to suit your requirements and budget.

Catering options

Buffet style catering and multi course dining events.

For private parties, multi day corporate events and large-scale functions we can provide a personalized menu in both a buffet and personally waitered service style. We are competent in all styles of cooking with chefs specializing in modern Asian and modern European cuisine. We also have a fully qualified pastry chef and competent vegan cook on hand and are able to cater to any specific dietary requirements.

Please enquire via email and we will reply promptly.


Plater boxes

A simple and cost-effective way to bring a splash of flavour and colour to your work function or personal get together. We provide a broad range of platter boxes, most of which can be done vegan and or gluten free, please inform us of any dietary requirements upon enquiry.

Box Sizes

Mini feeds 1 – 2ppl : $15 – $25
Small feeds 2 – 4 ppl: $30 – $50
Regular feeds 4 – 6 ppl: $60 – $90
Large feeds 8 – 12 ppl: $120 – $180
Extra large feeds 12 – 16 ppl: $180 – $240
Grazing table feeds 20 + ppl: Quote available upon request

Breakfast boxes

Breakfast Box Favourites

Create your own favourites box with a mix of any of the options listed below. We will package it thoughtfully into a platter size of your choosing and can arrange delivery or pickup – Providing a perfectly tailored platter for your event.

Individual Items

All items are available to be ordered as individual items for pickup 7 days a week. For deliveries a minimum order will apply pending the location of delivery. Please note, some items will require 1- or 2-days’ notice to arrange and prepare.

Savoury Breakfast Boxes

Breakfast slider box

  • Salmon, fried egg, pickles, fried onion, spinach, dill yogurt
  • Bacon, fried egg, Leicester cheddar, smoked aioli, rocket, tomato chutney
  • Avo, mini pea pancake, fried egg, tomato, spinach, chilli jam, brie cheese
  • Balsamic tomatoes, marinated Mediterranean vegetables, rocket, cashew ducka, roast field mushroom, hummus

Mixed Frittata Box

  • Bacon, tomato, basil
  • Chicken, leek kale
  • Flaked smoked salmon, seeds, goats cheese, tomato
  • Pumpkin, broccolini, eschalot, miso, furikake
  • Kale, mushrooms, French lentils, almonds,

Croissant Collection Box

  • Thick cut ham & Leicester Cheddar
  • Salmon, Spinach, Crème Fraiche
  • Bacon, Tomato, Goats Cheese

Mixed Savoury Breakfast Box

  • A mix of your choice from the above selection (quantities will determine box size)

Sweet Breakfast Boxes

Delectable Pastry Box

  • Cinnamon snail
  • Pain au chocolate
  • Sour cherry Danish
  • Spiced apple Danish
  • Almond croissant

Mixed Muffins Box

  • Spiced Apple
  • Coconut and Lime
  • Mixed berry
  • Caramel and Banana
  • Peanut butter and chocolate

Vegan Breakfast Box

  • A mix of banana breads, raw vegan slices, chia pots and fruit cups

Healthy Start Breakfast Box

  • House roasted granola pots with fruits & milk / mylk
  • Almond & Maple Chia pots
  • Seasonal Fruit & yoghurt cups (coyo available)
  • Sticky Black Rice Pudding

Mixed Sweet Breakfast Box

  • A mix of your choice from the above selection (quantities will determine box size)

Morning and Afternoon Tea Boxes

Quiche Crew Box

  • Salmon, dill, whipped goat’s cheese ‘icing’
  • Chicken, Tomato, Spinach, Brie
  • Leek & Smoked cheddar
  • Tomato, spinach, sage & seeds

Finger Sandwich Box

  • Salmon, crème fraîche, pickled cucumber & dill
  • Chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, aioli
  • Curried Egg & lettuce
  • Beef sirloin, mustard & greens
  • Salad and cheese

Seasonal fruit platter

A selection of sweet and fresh seasonal fruit artfully plated

Sweet treats platter

A selection of our raw and baked treats including brownies, carrot cake, banana bread, orange and almond cake (GF), caramel slice, cherry ripe slice, caramel bliss balls, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered pretzels to name a few of the items in this colourful crowd pleaser.

Charcuterie Platter

A selection of cold cuts (salami, prosciutto, turkey & ham) with pickles and marinated vegetables (all made in house) accompanied by a caraway and fennel seeded sourdough baguette

Cheese and Pickles Box

A selection of artisanal cheeses, house made pickles with lavash & sourdough baguette.


Lunch time boxes

Salad Boxes

Unique, colourful and healthy, we pack a platter box with 1 to 3 salads of your choosing. If this options interests, we can give more details regarding salad varieties upon enquiry.

Sandwich Box

A selection of fresh baguettes, focaccia and sourdough sandwiches with a range of fillings from vegetarian to slow cooked proteins (more details on filling available upon request)

Lunch Pastry box

A selection of house made pastries including sausage rolls, meat pies, quiches and stuffed croissants

Build your own

Mix and match from the above selections to create a box tailer made to fit your function.

Custom Lunch Boxes

We are able to cater to a wide range of requirements; from the small and simple to the large and decadent. Let us know the specifications of your function requirements and we will custom build a lunch box or lunch package to suit.

Custom Catering

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